#HCSM asks, “Do *YOU* have a #socialmedia policy?”

  1. HealthSocMed
    TOPIC 2 – Do you have a SM policy for you (or your org)? Is it more about risk management or is it a true guide? What would you edit? #hcsm
  2. HealthSocMed
    We will assume all tweets within #hcsm during the following hour are your own & not those of your employers (unless specifically declared).
  3. PracticalWisdom
    T2: We can and do help Patients find accurate information #HCSM http://bit.ly/Kdr9cG G8 #epatient @HugoOC #s4pm Thankful #hcsmanz
  4. danamlewis
    T2 live at #hcsm – talking policies for social media, or lack thereof. How’s your policy? If you could change it, how would you edit?
  5. danielg280
    T2: Yes, we have a policy. For us it’s mostly about rules of the road: reminders about privacy, what not to do #hcsm
  6. amandasxi
    T2: Trying to make my own personal policy; will be researching med edu SM policies for a research project #hcsm
  7. RichmondDoc
    T2 My employer doesn’t have a formal SoMe policy, but suspect one is coming. Hope it will be guidance, not restrictions. #hcsm
  8. drsuzyyhall
    T2: Our (private) practice has a small group of MDs who engage on behalf of the practice. ‘Rules’ are discussed, but no ‘policy’..yet #hcsm
  9. tahughes
    T2: A good policy for anyone is don’t tweet (or FB or Google ) something that you don’t want the whole world to see. #hcsm
  10. Veronica1231
    T2: Would be interested to see #SoMe policy from other orgs…haven’t seen a great example of a plan both protects and encourages #hcsm
  11. LawyerCas
    T2 from a legal perspective, SM policies should include all 3. Recent cases re dismissal should be considered and incorporated #hcsm
  12. JonathanStweetr
    @HealthSocMed T2. We have a policy for staff users. For the public, we direct them to New York City’s http://on.nyc.gov/JaOkTT #hcsm
  13. stephaniethum
    T2 Policies R evolving w/hospitals I’ve consulted with, particularly as SM continues 2 fragment new platforms like Pinterest emerge. #hcsm
  14. RichmondDoc
    T2 I helped w/ a group that put together @STFM_FM’s guidelines http://www.stfm.org/resources/socialmedia.cfm Tried to make them open/accessible, not punitive. #hcsm
  15. joshdbrett
    T2 A guide suggests that it is part strategy for how to use it to advance business objectives. Policy suggests it is to restrict use. #hcsm
  16. JonathanStweetr
    @healthsocmed T2. Side note: every post I do for work on FB or Tw must be previously reviewed by 2 levels! #hcsm
  17. PracticalWisdom
    T2: A 12-Word Social Media Policy http://socialmedia.mayoclinic.org/2012/04/05/a-twelve-word-social-media-policy/ @FarrisTimimi #hcsm
  18. RichmondDoc
    T2 Also fun to note: all the individual phrases in these guidelines are < 140 characters = tweetable. :) http://www.stfm.org/resources/socialmedia.cfm #hcsm
  19. HealthSocMed
    Don’t forget the second part of T2 – what would you edit from your org’s policy, if you could? (And why don’t you?) #hcsm
  20. PracticalWisdom
    T2: Don’t Lie, Don’t Pry
    Don’t Cheat, Can’t Delete
    Don’t Steal, Don’t Reveal @ FarrisTimimi
  21. crgonzalez
    T2 The best policy is to provide concrete examples of what to do rather than a laundry list of don’ts #hcsm
  22. Julian_Bond
    MT @danamlewis T2 #hcsm – talking policies for social media, or lack thereof. How’s your policy? If you could change it, how would you edit?
  23. tahughes
    T2: I can edit my own policy whenever I want. To edit the org policy, I must persuade others to agree with my suggested edits. #hcsm
  24. JonathanStweetr
    @HealthSocMed T2. Part 2: our policy gives no proactive guidance (i.e. be coloquial, engage at patient’s level) #hcsm
  25. timbigfish
    T2. What I’d recommend most ppl edit in the policy: More do. Less don’t. Start with “do this.don’t do that.” #hcsm
  26. danielg280
    T2: One of the most challenging areas is figuring out how to address the recent NLRB guidance on employee protected speech in policies #hcsm
  27. amandasxi
    T2: I would like to see at least a small part of the #meded curriculum dedicated to meaningful use/best practices for SM #hcsm
  28. PracticalWisdom
    T2: To change these SoMe polices must be hard. Change in Hospitals seems like it comes slow. @tahughes #hcsm
  29. crgonzalez
    T2: It helps to create SM rules assuming you were apprenticing a beginner with actual to-do activities #hcsm
  30. stephaniethum
    T2 I’m hearing edits to SM policies may be widespread w/emerging Nat’l Labor Relations Board guidance. #hcsm
  31. michaelbmoore
    @HealthSocMed Agreed, nice job on T2 #hcsm chat 2nite…can’t wait to see the transcript of that!
  32. HealthSocMed
    That’s a wrap on tonight’s #hcsm – thanks, everyone, for your insights! See you next Sun @ 8pmCT. Tonight’s transcript: http://bit.ly/hcsm51312

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