The ROI of #HCSM is *blank*

  1. HealthSocMed
    T3 – an oldie but a goodie. Answer first reaction, then you can debate the semantics of the topic & the concept behind it. Ok? :) #hcsm
  2. danamlewis
    T3 live at #hcsm – ROI. HCSM. first thoughts? (Fill in the blank, *then* you can complain about having an ROI topic ;)).
  3. RichmondDoc
    T3 The [ideal] ROI of HCSM is: more informed HCPs, more involved and activated pts, a more responsive/effective health care system. #hcsm
  4. Colin_Hung
    T3: Does #hcsm need an ROI that can be measured? You can’t measure friendship, good advice & connections.
  5. danielg280
    T3: engaged, empowered, and grateful patients; engaged staff who more effectively collaborate with colleagues #hcsm
  6. PracticalWisdom
    T3: ROI perhaps malcome Gladwell Mavens are “information specialists”, or “people we rely upon to connect us with new information.” #hcsm
  7. timbigfish
    Just one? T3. better informed patient; improved health outcomes; more meaningful dialogue btwn informed patient & savvy provider…#hcsm
  8. marksalke
    T3: HCSM ROI is the power of the collective voice: communicating msg, disseminating info, comforting the individual. #hcsm
  9. stephaniethum
    T3 Although this Q is still the equivalent of the F-bomb in the #hcsm Tweetchat, you *have* to ask about ROI. It’s still a business. #hcsm
  10. PracticalWisdom
    T3: ROI= We Also have Connectors, people who “link us up with the world people with a special gift for bringing the world together.” #hcsm
  11. stephaniethum
    T3 SM is just one branch on a health care comm tree. It may be unfair to single it out, but it’s practical to look at effectiveness. #hcsm
  12. JonathanStweetr
    @healthsocmed T3. In my workplace ROI must be quantitative and measurable. Feel good statements/generalizations not allowed. #hcsm
  13. michaelbmoore
    @PracticalWisdom @k8lin But not always. sometimes patients are still angry (but wrong), sometimes patients don’t get better… #hcsm T3
  14. michaelbmoore
    @PracticalWisdom I agree completely. I just don’t know if we can (would even want to) quantify that. It’s a great question. #hcsm T3
  15. HealthSocMed
    That’s a wrap on tonight’s #hcsm – thanks, everyone, for your insights! See you next Sun @ 8pmCT. Tonight’s transcript:

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