#Patients want their #data: But can they handle it, #HCSM -ers?

  1. danamlewis
    T3 live at #hcsm – patients often want data. But can all pts handle all kinds of data? Does some data need communication/translating w/ it?
  2. HealthSocMed
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  3. RyanMadanickMD
    T3 #hcsm Most med data written in medical-ese. unless pt is savvy enough to understand, it can be tough
  4. joshdbrett
    T3 I’d venture to say that a lot of the data in medicine requires at least some translation for the general public. #hcsm
  5. frmonroe
    @HealthSocMed T3 Is there another way to help patients handle data than good communication? Most don’t have a stats background #hcsm
  6. RichmondDoc
    T3 I think pts should have access to whatever data they want, but feel that there may be need for someone to explain/contextualize. #HCSM
  7. meducate
    #hcsm T3 Not all HCPs and understand all data either; education and communication are key. Crowdsourced analysis can help or hurt…
  8. RyanMadanickMD
    T3 #hcsm Some pts are very savvy and can understand the data. But most (prob) likely need help w/understanding
  9. DrBeckerSchutte
    T3: I think that interpretation is critical. But I also think it needs to be done in plain English (health literacy issues). #hcsm
  10. GautamJaggi
    T3: Web is not just democratizing data, it’s democratizing analysis! Online tools can be (and are) integrated into #HCSM sites.
  11. RichmondDoc
    T3 Not all medical info is easily understood, even by well-educated, smart folks. Tests can be confusing, results misunderstood. #HCSM
  12. drmikesevilla
    #hcsm T3 Medical data without a physician/provider is like Financial data without an accountant. You need a translator…
  13. RichmondDoc
    T3 But–if HCPs are helping pts understand the info, we need to make sure we are explaining honestly, and in ways folks understand. #HCSM
  14. gczark
    T3: Absolutely, but that’s a good oppty to use blogging or videos to better define data in simpler terms for specific audience #hcsm
  15. NursingTheIssue
    T3: Data can be dangerous. 1 lousy study gets tons of media coverage now everyone joins that bandwagon. #hcsm
  16. joshdbrett
    T3 Even stories in the NY Times or Wall Street Journal on significant studies may not be understood by Joe Six-pack. #hcsm
  17. ShimCode
    T3: Healthcare consumers are ready for “H&R Block-like” advocacy services just like taxpayers needed “Turbotax” 20 yrs ago. #hcsm
  18. GautamJaggi
    T3: Let patients what they are good at: human interaction. Let computers crunch data for them. Can be built into #HCSM sites
  19. Vaughnsays
    T3 .. even savvy patients may misinterpet data @RyanMadanickMD is there room for #hcsm to present data without (MD) consult?
  20. RichmondDoc
    T3 When is a “negative” a good thing? How reliable is this “normal” test? Just how abnormal is “abnormal”…etc. #HCSM
  21. PracticalWisdom
    T3: Infographics http://pinterest.com/dandunlop/healthcare-infographics/ can be helpful=FACTs for all levels of understanding. #hcsm
  22. drchaya
    T3: minimally they need a way to ‘dialogue’ with MD – we give results electronically allows for notes, allows for questions back #hcsm
  23. marksalke
    T3: As a Pt I want to see my Doc to discuss data like test results. I’ve had ’em FAXed, etc. before with scribbled notes. Useless. #hcsm
  24. danielg280
    T3: a question that cuts across many areas of medicine: see personal genetic testing. Diff for diff individuals #hcsm
  25. Vaughnsays
    T3 I think there may be a fine line between medical data presentation re: a condition and patient education about a condition. #hcsm
  26. faisal_q
    MT @ShimCode T3 HC consumers ready for “H&R Block-like” advocacy services, like taxpayers needed “Turbotax” 20 yrs ago {grt biz model #hcsm
  27. HealthcareNovel
    T3: Consider the success of reality TV such as “Biggest Loser”, lots of guidance & mentoring, data is just beginning of the ‘reality’. #hcsm
  28. Srini2000
    T3 – Isn’t this desire for data because of impression that HCP is holding back? Won’t good interaction help solve this? #hcsm
  29. DrBeckerSchutte
    T3: Here’s a field-specific example. I don’t hand out raw MMPI test data because it would be a jumble of numbers w/o interpretation. #hcsm
  30. RichmondDoc
    T3 We spend 4 years teaching med students to understand data, and 3 years teaching residents to interpret/act on it. Long road. #HCSM
  31. DrBeckerSchutte
    T3: (2) I will happily discuss MMPI results with a patient, so that I can talk about what the numbers mean/represent/suggest. #hcsm
  32. RyanMadanickMD
    @DrBeckerSchutte T3 Gr8 point. The results are even jibber-jabber to other HCPs! I don’t send raw pH data for #GERD tests either #hcsm
  33. RichmondDoc
    T3 This doesn’t mean that patients shouldn’t have that access, just to note that for many there will be a need to help understand. #HCSM
  34. jjsteinberg
    @HealthSocMed #hcsm T3 withholding data and less transparency status quo medicine. New wave is reveal explain communicate. Lower barriers.
  35. PracticalWisdom
    T3: When I taught/Drug Rehab. I had low literacy & Ph.D’s in the same class. I learned to use technical terms then explain naturally #hcsm
  36. RyanMadanickMD
    @RichmondDoc @3_x_survivor T3 Pt’s data really should not be delivered w/o some type of discussion about it #hcsm
  37. drsuzyyhall
    T3: I think sometimes it may b difficult for pts to ask questions ie, embarassed, intimidated. #hcsm
  38. Vaughnsays
    Agreed “@RyanMadanickMD: @RichmondDoc @3_x_survivor T3 Pt’s data really should not be delivered w/o some type of discussion about it #hcsm”
  39. broadthinking
    @drmikesevilla #hcsm T3 Maybe for some data – but not all data. I don’t need an accountant to manage my checking acct – but taxes? Say ahh.
  40. HealthSocMed
    That’s a wrap on tonight’s #hcsm! Thanks, all! See you again next Sun @ 8pm CT. Tonight’s transcript here: http://bit.ly/hcsm5612 #hcsm

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