What motivates #Healthcare #Providers to use #SocialMedia?

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    TOPIC 1 – Not everyone is convinced that HCSM matters. How do you convince HC providers to get online – or to get social? #hcsm
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    We will assume all tweets within #hcsm during the following hour are your own & not those of your employers (unless specifically declared).
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    T1: Sadly, I’ve found that $$ helps convince people. When they see Twitter as a possible advertising method, their ears perk up. #hcsm
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    T1 It is often hard to “convince” someone to change their behavior. They have to deem it important and think they can do it #hcsm
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    @HealthSocMed wow.. nice T1! #hcsm
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    T1 live at #hcsm! Talking about adoption of digital/social tools… because not everyone is convinced that HCSM matters. Do you convince?
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    T1 I’ve made the pitch by showing it’s value beyond discussing my most recent restaurant visit…rather: what are tangible results? #HCSM
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    T1: Have to show how it will practically help them. Can’t just tell them you need to b/c others are doing SoMe. #hcsm
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    1) If you don’t control your content and image, someone else will. 2) Your work is impt, and you DESERVE #hcsm. t1
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    T1 Hard to get HC providers involved if they aren’t vested. #HCSM
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    T1 I can point to new professional collaborations, grant applications, research ideas, a new role in my dept and prof societies. #HCSM
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    T1 Show providers or organizational leadership that their patients are on SM and that they can reach them there. #hcsm
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    T1 We do not need anyone to take it on faith at this point, with the “Healthcare Hashtag Project” we have concrete examples #hcsm
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    T1 just get on with it and leave them behind. After a while others will rush to catch up. #Hcsm
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    T1: I’ve convinced one of my partners to start using Twitter, but it’s still in the “entertainment” phase for her. #hcsm
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    T1 I can’t say that these same benefits *will* accrue to everyone, but the opportunity is there for anyone. #HCSM
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    T1 #hcsm I’m working on something to introduce GI docs to SM to publish in a GI journal
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    T1 The more prospective sell: these tools are second nature to young adults entering the work force and become HC pts/consumers. #HCSM
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    T1 Show HC providers the (figurative or literal) money and they will come. #hcsm
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    T1: #transfusion (my field) is an area making a little headway into SoMe. Need to reach the public, but blood bankers need more ed #hcsm
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    T1 your patients are on social media and gathering information if you are not on social media they will get the info somewhere … #hcsm
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    T1 We can find practical discussions happening on a regular basis on Twitter, other #socialmedia outlets of benefit to #healthcare #hcsm
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    T1. I have a hard time convincing with words; conversions happen when they see #hcsm in action.
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    T1: results others have achieved, statistics and studies have all been useful #hcsm
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    t1 and possibly move to that HC provider that values them enough to be a part of their social time #hcsm
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    T1: Some docs may not know the power of SM. Need to know all the benefits of it. #HCSM
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    T1 One need not look far to find “Involved, Engaged, Relevant” Patients & Healthcare Providers online. #hcsm
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    T1 Also, HC providers will come when it’s easier to come along than stay behind. The #hcsm ? is how to get to critical mass.
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    @HealthSocMed T1. We’re partnering with healthcare non-profits to do
    Twitterviews to demo the outreach potential #HCSM
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    T1: Reminding providers of their value proposition and how that is affected by #hcsm helps connect it to the mission vision oriented leader.
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    T1: HCSM isSocial~like Marcus Welby Can give you chance to have Pt’s get to know you. Can share g8 Content so u don’t have 2 repeat #HCSM
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    T1 (cont): people are often scared away by the “fire hose” concept of an incoming flood of info… I start by showing small lists. #hcsm
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    T1 some are moved by what u can gain from so me. Others will be moved to act out of fear of being left behind or left out. #Hcsm
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    T1 – increase awareness. The more you use something, the more you’re comfy with it. Most just don’t know how to use it 4 their benefit #hcsm
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    T1: at certain point, it’s like asking how to convince newspaper ppl that online news is relevant. Technological Darwinism #hcsm
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    T1 Try to put the metrics in management’s language to the greatest extent possible. That’s a good way to sell management. #hcsm
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    T1 I suggest folks find a topic that appeals to you: pt education, advocacy, etc, and start to explore SoMe through that lens. #HCSM
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    me too -> “@MGKatz036: T1: had some success introducing Twitter as way of keeping on top of headlines from small group of journals. #hcsm”
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    @miller7 T1 Depends on the behavior they are trying to change. Is it a benefit to them, to their #patients, to #consumers? #hcsm
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    T1 Sometimes, you get lucky and the interest is there…but coupled w/ uncertainty. You can provide the security to get others going. #HCSM
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    T1 – integrate #SoMe into current education system #hcsm
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    @miller7 T1 The #1 Challenge to #Epatients and #informed #healthcare #consumers is low #HealthLiteracy, something #SM can help :) #hcsm
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    T1: Maybe some docs aren’t interested in seeing what their patients are finding? #HCSM
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    Agreed & show them the level of engagement it is driving”@danielg280: T1: tell them their competitors are already there #hcsm”
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    @danielg280 Not just pts. Colleagues, etc. And who knows what/how they are talking? Know a great psychologist. Google her, and… #hcsm t1
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    T1: pt’s can review material. They can see images/link 2 other material. Dr. Swanson says they can read b4 they came in your office. #HCSM
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    T1 I think most docs avoid SoMe b/c of concerns about time, use, value, privacy and security…so model good, safe, efficient use. #HCSM
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    #t1 if you are focused on ROI it wont happen till you are well invested in sm it does not happen over night or quickly #hcsm
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    T1: as a side note, i think that #tweetchats are probably the WROST way to introduce people. :-) This is crazy. #hcsm
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    @MarksPhone True, that’s why it’s essential 2 intergrate #hcsm n2 #meded so we can speed adooption. Now we just tell students “hands off” T1
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    T1 “Do you want to fade into irrelevance?” <- it’s caught the attention of a few in the hospitals I volunteer at. #HCSM
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    T1 #hcsm the key is getting docs into SM to see that other docs are doing it, and why. many don’t like being behind the times in med stuff
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    @danielg280 …You find one bad prof. photo, and several mentions from a student/admirer on beyond grave communication blog. #hcsm t1
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    Usually just lurker to #hcsm but thought I’d jump in this wk. T1: Show what’s being said even if they’re not engaging. #hcsm
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    T1: I have explained to my docs til blue in the face why and how. Want the results but not the effort/time #hcsm
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    T1 I’m curious re: med students’ interest in using SoMe professionally…if it’s there, then use that to engage new HCPs early. #HCSM
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    We’ve worked too hard on our education, licensure, skills to let our digital footprint be random and made by others. t1 #hcsm
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    T1 (cont): I’ve converted a few people with this phrase: “check this stuff out… you’ll never be bored in conference again.” #hcsm
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    #hcsm I’ve had clinical questions answered in moments by SoMe contacts. Powerful demo. T1
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    @RichmondDoc T1 I doubt many medstudents see it as a professional venue yet, more social #HCSM
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    T1 if at the very least being active on SM puts web content in ur control likely to come up top on SERP #hcsm
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    T1: I try to convince my partners by reminding them that SoMe is ‘Where the Patients Are’..#hcsm #hcsm
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    T1: I have presented outcomes from vaccine town hall that evolved out of a tweetchat (#hcsmvax) and still not interested #hcsm
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    @JackWestMD T1 Yes, need to show them concrete examples of how it can benefit them or their patients, clients, etc. #hcsm
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    T1: Pt trust other Pt. When markers tell us we are not impressed #HCSM allows us to show not just tell. #HCSM
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    @HealthSocMed T1. It’s easy to get our docs to author print and web posts/blogs, ’cause they value the exposure. But social media…. #HCSM
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    Pitch it as offering something they don’t have time to provide. MT @Bethlgainer: T1 Hard to get HC providers involved if they #HCSM
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    @Bethlgainer T1 Specifically, like #Patient Education, something #doctors simply are not paid to do in great detail. #HCSM
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    @RichmondDoc I don’t think there is as much interest in #medstudent use of #hcsm as you might think. Too many have been told no. T1
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    t1 the whole office needs to embrace sm not just the doctors, nurses, back office, front office, patients it takes the hc village #hcsm
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    @hjluks @annwax I figure if someone can’t look at SoMe and see the potential…I have to wonder about their vision. t1 #hcsm
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    MT @Dyverse_Steele: t1 the whole office needs to embrace sm not just the docs, nurses, back office, front office… #HCSM
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    T1 Docs think there is some great mystery to #hcsm but u just talk, be yourself, and follow confidentiality
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    @joshdbrett T1 Make it clear, their #patients expect them to be available, accessible via #SocialMedia, How will they meet it? #hcsm
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    T1: I think it’s easy for us to think younger are interested In SoME professionally but don’t think research backs this up. Right? #HCSM
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    T1 most compelling argument I can make is pts will go online regardless. Docs can participate in convo or be left out at their peril. #hcsm
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    @DrJenGunter T1 Agree. Be social, be yourself, be nice, be helpful, and be careful. #hcsm
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    @hjluks T1 With as many #consumers #patients as are on #SocialMedia, they will wonder what is “Wrong” if you are not also on it. #hcsm
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    @drsuzyyhall T1 Agree, need to explain how it can make their lives easier, solve some of their challenges in #patient care #hcsm
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    T1 I think u have to be real, people can spot insincerity #hcsm
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    @hjluks And…What did interviewees say?” t1 #hcsm
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    T1: SM could enable so many needs: patient-centricity, prevention, coordinated care. How could it *not* be relevant? #HCSM
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    #hcsm T1: We are just starting to discuss social media as part of #meded and have long way to go. People still trying to find ground rules.
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    @Strangely_T1 Maybe you should invite this chat group #hcsm come in and speak to your students on the benefit of social media. #hcsm
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    Great way to introduce :) @RyanMadanickMD: T1 #hcsm I’m working on something to introduce GI docs to SM to publish in a GI journal
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    T1: SoMe, websites, EMR, apps, blogs are patient-centered modern medicine (or quality). In future, $ will go to best quality. #hcsm
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    T1 Some health care org. so afraid of image control they r falling behind in #hcsm
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    @hjluks Please introduce me to the folks w/ ideas. I’ll bring the drinks if Carmen will make nachos. t1 #hcsm
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    Increased client retention, cut advertising costs :) MT @michaelbmoore: T1 Show HC providers the (figurative or literal) money #hcsm
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    Ron Mills (lurking/late). T1/2: Pity the poor user. So many SoMe and tech fads, many think this whole revolution will blow over. #hcsm
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    @EvelynLockhart T1 Lots of great potential for reaching #blood donors via social media, educating them #transfusion #hcsm
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    Lose the “Theory” show practical MT @sixuntilme: T1. I have a hard time convincing with words; conversions happen when they see #hcsm in
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    @MGKatz036 T1 Definitely can make “research” much easier by finding like-minded researchers :) #hcsm
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    @Bethlgainer T1 Think most #doctors #nurses #Healthcare Professionals, have yet to discover the full potential of #socialmedia :( #HCSM
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    Topic ideas for this week’s #hcsm (Sun @ 8pm CT)? Send ’em in! (You can DM them or @HealthSocMed w/out the hashtag). See you Sunday!

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