Sorting a mountain of #healthcare data, and all I’ve got is tweezers.

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    TOPIC 3 – We all have so much more data @ our fingertips now: providers, HC orgs, and patients alike. How do you deal w/ so much data? #hcsm
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    @HealthSocMed T3 Poorly. :) #HCSM
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    t3: same way I filter news… #hcsm
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    That’s a generous assesment. “@RichmondDoc: @HealthSocMed T3 Poorly. :) #HCSM”
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    T3: Interestingly, T2 answers some of it. Being mobile helps me multi-task. Being Type A helps too. #hcsm
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    T3 It’s a major issue: info overload, and 24/7 access to everything. I’m trying to carve out time to review/share info. #HCSM
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    T3 biggest change in medicine is that there’s too much data for 1 doc to be manager – now bottleneck. Need network of ppl to manage. #hcsm
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    Re: T3 #hcsm (Ex. – pts self-track behaviors, symptoms – how do docs deal with that data? How do patients learn to assess, manage data?)
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    t3 Nope. I give HC a big *FAIL* on data usage. We can hardly use 20% of the data in an EMR. #hcsm
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    t3 we deal with data as we need it both patients and hc providers with internet it all can be there and just used when needed #hcsm
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    And the occasional beer. “@DrGhaheri: T3: My days are fueled by bacon and coffee. That’s how I get by. #hcsm #notjoking”
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    T3: The data will be massaged, manipulated and mathematically compressed to prove the observer’s point of view. #hcsm
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    T3: like many things in healthcare IT, we’re behind the curve in big data. But there is great technology out there… #HCSM
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    @HealthSocMed T3 Researchers in our Dept working w/ a dashboard to record pt asthma control, nurses present to docs for action. #HCSM
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    T3 w/explosion of more data than any doc can manage, medicine must go from unidirectional to networked mgmt of info. #hcsm
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    So true. “@kevindarst: T3 – No, health IT not ready to handle this kind or data. Stuck in old paradigms. #hcsm”
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    T3 Data is not information, Info is not knowledge, Knowledge is not wisdom, & Wisdom is not action. #hcsm
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    @CloseToHomeMD Let’s follow each other, then, b/c I’m trying to figure out best use for image curation for #hcsm on Pinterest. t3
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    T3 This allows us to get a summary of relevant data–not day-by-day data points–and look for trends that require re-eval. #HCSM
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    T3: Big data will require strong analytics and something we are just starting to see: artificial intelligence. #HCSM
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    T3. Put it all on FB and in my G account. Then I’ll know it’ll get mined an analyzed and I’ll know exactly what I shd think & buy :) #hcsm
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    T3: Too much Data. Who iistened to NPR today Guy talked about too much bad information is like eating too much junk Food. Moderation. #HCSM
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    T3: That is the 64k q, isn’t it? whoever figures that out will get a nobel prize, or be a trillionaire or both #hcsm
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    @DonRosenthal Yes. We’re generating MOUNTAINS of healthcare data, and trying to sort it with tweezers. t3 #hcsm
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    T3: I have woven SoMe into my daily life. I can’t set aside special time for it because SoMe users want info NOW. So I’m here. #hcsm
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    T3 To cope with big data, I want to get much more cosy with mathmaticians & programmers. #hcsm
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    T3. Hmm. (a) Become a simple tool user and expert filterer. (b) Find sanctuary in the most well edited and curated places. #hcsm
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    T3 #hcsm Ignore, delete, combine, package, chunk and PRAY
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    T3- Volumes of patient generated data can be overwhelming. But good data visualization summaries help ALOT (ie pie chart, etc). #hcsm
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    T3: Google changed how we research information everyday. Artificial Intelligence has similar potential to tame HC data. #HCSM
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    T3: Finding the research about the wired brain really interesting. So Much information is changing us. #HCSM
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    T3 We will have data specialists in out teams. Growth careers to move into. #hcsm
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    @Strangely_T1 @colekpharm Patient engagement throgh data curation is a powerful idea! T3 #hcsm
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    T3. There is too much data but way too little analysis #hcsm
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    @HealthSocMed T3. Data, as far as SM is concerned? My org doesn’t even have e-mail addys or cell phone numbers for patients. #HCSM
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    @DonRosenthal I, for one, am waiting for the singularity, and will welcome our computer overlords with gifts of juicy data. 😉 t3 #hcsm
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    @DonRosenthal I, for one, am waiting for the singularity, and will welcome our computer overlords with gifts of juicy data. 😉 t3 #hcsm
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    @BrianSMcGowan @LeslieBattenND Agreed, but we must choose our filters wisely. T3 #hcsm
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    T3 How we handle this chat gives insight to how we handle large amounts of data: look for trends, find key informants…much is lost. #HCSM
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    T3: David Weinberger’s book, Everything is Miscellaneous, is great on curating data on the way out, not the way in. #Hcsm
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    T3 We can’t keep up with everything, so look for key phrases? RTs? Interactions/mentions? How do we filter this one hour of info? #HCSM
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    T3. Good podcast on how algorithms are shaping our lives now. #hcsm #hcsmanz
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    @healthsocmed T3. Not only is data locked in silos, the silos are on different farms! #HCSM
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    @danielg280 It’s like trying to see a pointillistic painting by looking at the individual dots. Need way to back up, see big pic. t3 #hcsm
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    MT @RichmondDoc: T3 How we handle this chat gives insight to how we handle data: look for trends, find key informants…much is lost. #hcsm
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    T3: Information is a funny thing. Sometimes I can’t take a sip from the fire hose. Other times I can’t even wet my whistle. #hcsm
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    T3 Maybe if we can determine how to make this chat easy w/o losing any relevant info we can generalize? :) #HCSM
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    T3: CLOUD envisions a world of #digitalfabric as way in which we will weave (filter) data across a digital loom (Internet) #Hcsm
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    T3: MATT RICHTEL Brilliant Series @NYtimes Growing up Digital wired for distraction… #HCSM
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    @apjonas @ElinSilveous T3 question is in parallel to tonight’s #hcsm chat speed. How to keep up?
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    T3 Parallel processing – get patients involved more, let them track, analyze and synthesize solutions, Docs just guide #s4pm #hcsm
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    T3 Truth? The people I know who are thriving out here are really smart. #hcsm
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    T3: Future of filtering will combine both #linkeddata & #linkedpeople so as to create contextual fabrics #Hcsm
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    true “@O2ron: T3 Truth? The people I know who are thriving out here are really smart. #hcsm”
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    T3 Massage, Drumming, Biofeedback, Music, Beaches, Retirement all help with data overload #hcsm
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    @danielg280 But privacy concerns for whom? And, we are approaching convo about value of privacy vs. cost of having it. t3 #hcsm
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    Tonight’s #hcsm = HC provider adoption of SM; mobile vs. social health; handling data overload. Read the transcript:

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