Mobile and/or Social Healthcare: Similarities, Differences, Overlap

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    TOPIC 2 – What’s the difference between mobile health (or #mHealth) and social health? Do they overlap (or not)? How do they differ? #hcsm
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    We will assume all tweets within #hcsm during the following hour are your own & not those of your employers (unless specifically declared).
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    T2: This is a great question. I think it’s a subset #hcsm
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    T2 mHealth and SoMe overlap a lot, but are not entirely the same. mHealth includes texts, portals…but not the openness of SoMe. #HCSM
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    T2 They can overlap, such as SM apps for mobile devices. But they are different. #hcsm
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    @HealthSocMed Mobile is moving around, and social is interacting w/ others…Lotsa overlap due to similar mediums. t2 #hcsm
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    t2, I think they are related ,but diff. MHealth is tools that liberate patient from drs. office and hospital. . . . #hcsm
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    T2 I suspect the Venn diagrams of mHealth and SoMe overlap for a good part of the image, but they are not synonymous. #HCSM
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    T2 #mhealth is a channel. Social health is a current. #hcsm
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    T2 social health is a philosophy that expands on the traditional 2 party doc/pt dynamic #hcsm
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    @healthsocmed T2. Mobile is “where is that info”. Social is “Who can I talk to about this” #HCSM
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    T2: To me, mobile is the method of comm (a variety of places), but social is the content and connec. #HCSM
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    T2 Social media and #mhealth interpenetrated. Both in flux, shimming bright things #Hcsm
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    T2: Social health can also enable healthy behaviors because #HCSM provides real time feedback — critical for behavioral change.
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    T2. Mobile is simply a platform but as smart phones capture more market share it may well become THE platform. #hcsm
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    Anyone know a good website to make a venn diagram? #hcsm *an aside tangentially related to t2*
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    T2- Mobile can have social and social can have mobile, just depends on case. #hcsm
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    T2, @JonathanStreeter – well said, or perhaps more specifically #mHealth is where I am (user) and SoMe is WHO can I discuss with. #HCSM
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    @MarksPhone Mobile makes the difference between 11% vs. 91% adherence to mood logging. HUGE enhancement of trad. #mentalhealth t2 #hcsm
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    T2: We were shocked to see how many of our site visitors were using iPhones and iPads (specifically). #hcsm
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    t2: mobile is a platform. social is a goal. #hcsm
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    T2 using mHealth technology to augment SoMe tools and approaches (community, engagement, etc) could be really valuable. #HCSM
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    THIS is “social:” Follow the life of #hcsm with this custom infographic.… t2
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    @MarksPhone It’s not just convenience. It’s engagement, and sense that the provider is “watching.” Very interesting enhancement. t2 #hcsm
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    @DrGhaheri But they’re pretty! AND, I can put them on PINTEREST!! *ducks* t2 #hcsm
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    T2: Social allows patients to learn from and give feedback to each other. The provider may no longer be as central. #HCSM
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    @MarksPhone Me too. I think the phone is more than just convenient. I think it has some independent effects. Need data. t2 #hcsm
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    @JonathanStweetr perhaps it’s just this simple – it’s what we all use and we use it all the time. #hcsm t2
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    @CloseToHomeMD Just checked it out, and I CAN PINTEREST infographics about tonight’s #hcsm chat. Another way to curate. Cool. t2 #hcsm
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    That’s a wrap on tonight’s #hcsm! Thanks, everyone, for joining! Tonight’s topics & transcript can be found here:

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