Using videos in #HCSM: #Video killed the radio star…er…

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    TOPIC 3 – Video is still greatly underutilized as a SM tool. Benefits of using? How are you using videos? Best practices/tips? Faves? #hcsm
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    First Music Video on MTV- Video Killed the Radio Star
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    We will assume all tweets within #hcsm during the following hour are your own & not those of your employers (unless specifically declared).
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    t3: To me, videos aren’t really that helpful. It’s too disconnected. It’s too one-sided. #hcsm
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    T3: Video can be so powerful! Starting to see it used to explain procedures, etc., but could definitely be used for more! #hcsm
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    T3 #hcsm I haven’t used many yet, but I’m going to start; mainly to give the info I often give in the clinic or procedure instructions, etc
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    I have QR codes to #suicide #prevention videos for #Veterans on my door. Invite vets w/ smart phones to view. @harperlevy does too. t3 #hcsm
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    T3. Videos of medical content are one piece of communization puzzle. Not the whole puzzle. But a good piece. #hcsm
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    @MeganPharmD Cool idea! t3 #hcsm
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    T3: I use Youtube clips and place into highly visual Powerpoints. Keeps my presentations short & interactive. #HCSM
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    t3: Lots of short-form and long form good vids re: #health i.e. @BlueShortFilm @StoryCorps @PatientCommando #hcsm
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    T3: I’m using, but basically doing ppt presentations for pts. Weak. Need to get to simple “one person in front of camera” x2-3 min. #hcsm
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    T3 I don’t use video, but @hjluks and @widfm do great jobs with them: short, patient-focused, accessible, educational. #hcsm
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    T3: I’m not so keep on just video taping somebody talking. Need snap crackle and pop. Creative/Visuals/Lots of thought #HCSM
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    T3. The issue with video is need for brevity. You thought 140 characters was short? Attn span for video is 30 – 90 seconds #hcsm
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    T3 – docs like @HJluks explain their care well via video chat and patients choose those doctors more #HCSM #HCSM
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    @DrGhaheri true, and there are real technical bandwidth issues with most video online for many T3 #hcsm
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    #hcsm T3: video is great but again- docs need to learn how to blog 1st, and why. let’s start w/ basics please.
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    T3 Used videos to educate residents on a particular procedure used for research. Helpful – PI didn’t have give demos all day long #hcsm
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    T3: involve pts by saying,”the results are back and I have some devastating news… do you mind if I videotape this and post it? J/K! #hcsm
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    T3: Anyone using patient generated videos to educate patients? #HCSM
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    I used 2 produce ed video; still hate talking heads. I suggest infographics ala this “back of napkin” T3 #HCSM
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    T3: If a picture is worth a 1000 words, a video is worth a million. #hcsm
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    T3: Video changes everything. Remote monitoring, diagnosis, care, training. A video is worth a 1000 pictures & a million words! #HCSM
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    T3: Video changes everything. Remote monitoring, diagnosis, care, training. A video is worth a 1000 pictures & a million words! #HCSM
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    @Bethlgainer It’s so EASY I could do a different one every day, or put around waiting room. I also use for outreach table. t3 #hcsm
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    T3 #hcsm I also did some vlogging last year from #DDW, not a lot of traction though
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    Video can SHOW; shouldn’t just TELL T3 #hcsm
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    @DocForeman- #veteran came to my door and said “OH! I know what this is! Let’s see what it links to!” ::happy dance:: t3 #QRcodes #hcsm
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    T3: Videos like powerpoint needs to be the Frosting. The foundation is the person using the tool. No magic without thought! #HCSM
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    T3: videos won’t take off imho because people have specific needs/desires when searching for info. Too hard to search a video. #hcsm
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    @MichLitch Yes. They can be very powerful. The trick, IMHO, is to screen them for accurate info AND for how much “hook” they have. t3 #hcsm
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    T3: Videos of docs answering Qs, discussing procedures and offering perspective on studies #hcsm
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    T3 video/film allows for voices to be heard in often times a top-down world of healthcare. Video also helps with emotion > just info #hcsm
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    T3: Can u imagine if all TV marketing gurus expertise was poured into health videos…patients would like that more than cheesy PSAs #hcsm
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    T3 Video is as much SoMe as blogs are: allow comments, and allow longer discussion of issues. #hcsm
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    T3: Video needs to be short! just like most of our attention spans! #HCSM
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    T3: If you have something to say and others willing to listen, short educating video works. Look to Khan Academy for simple brilliance #hcsm
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    For pts. w/o, I show them w/ my own phone, set up on my business card stand. Just a click away from content. #hcsm t3
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    #hcsm T3: basics to advanced: websites, then blogs, then METRICS / ROI, then 140 characters, then video/pinterest/etc.
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    T3 Look at @seattlemamadoc blog – she posts videos periodically to highlight particular topics. #hcsm
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    T3 YouTube tags all its videos, making searches easier. And, with Google connection, search engine quite robust. #hcsm
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    T3 real people, real issues = possibility for real change. That’s what I think of video. Big reason why we started @fastfwdhealth #hcsm
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    t3: Don’t forget to have diff vid lengths for diff media channels, diff purpose… #hcsm
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    T3: Let’s never forget that wonderful video @mayoclinic used of mature couple playing the piano. Went viral. G8 Example #HCSM
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    T3: What length of video do you find to be the most engaging? #hcsm
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    T3 Videos are good for introducing new information and more general topics. @CIRPD has good videos. Detailed info is better typed #hcsm
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    @MedPedsDoctor ALSO, the codes and videos get more “play” than pamphlets!!! t3 #hcsm
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    T3: Videos def have their place. Love them for education, but can be time consuming. Scrolling thru 30min of vid harder than reading. #hcsm
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    Under 3 minutes for sure! @gczark: T3: What length of video do you find to be the most engaging? #hcsm
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    T3: Videos from even Youtube can jazz up a medical video and make education fun. What we learn with fun we never forget! #HCSM
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    @RichmondDoc many who need it the most don’t have bandwidth/access to take advantage though T3 #hcsm
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    @MedPedsDoctor @DrGhareri Someone did this with mental health videos on Pinterest. Very cool! t3 #hcsm
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    T3: We’re still thinking of video as it has existed so far on YouTube, etc. Waiting for ads, slow buffering. That’s not the future! #HCSM
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    T3: It is all about individual’s personal interest that drives the market. #hcsm
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    T3: Stealth startup (not mine) doing interesting work w 30-120 sec vids. Minimal hit on MDs time, yet compelling. Avail soon. #hcsm
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    @danielg280 No reason a video can’t be attached to a website that is more scannable, and to a SoMe commentary as well. t3 #hcsm
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    T3: I think one mine great time for most video. We have continuous partial attention #HCSM
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    @michaelbmoore T3 A fair concern…#hcsm
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    T3: Imagine person-to-person video on high-def tablets & fast networks. That’s no longer slow & frustrating- it’s a game-changer! #HCSM
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    T3: Jiffpad another interesting approach #hcsm
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    T3: Simple does not mean stupid. Simple is harder takes more design experience. #HCSM
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    T3: Interested in digital storytelling? Great resources for Non-Profits to get started @TechSoup #hcsm
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    T3 video allows for better storytelling since it includes voice and visuals and can get across points that text cant #hcsm
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    Miss out on #hcsm? Topics, transcript: Want to submit a topic for a future chat? DM or @HealthSocmed (sans hashtag)

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