Online “Sherpas” for #Patients using #HCSM: How do we find and share resources?

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    TOPIC 2 – Recurring theme of needing ‘sherpas’ for docs. But what about patients? What about online ‘sherpas’ or navigators for pts? #hcsm
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    We will assume all tweets within #hcsm during the following hour are your own & not those of your employers (unless specifically declared).
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    T2: I’d turn to apps/websites to act as the sherpa for patients. Organizing meds, etc. #hcsm
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    T2 Ideally, the physicians will be able to be the “sherpas” for patients. #hcsm
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    T2 By physicians getting to know the tools, use them and know what’s out there, they’ll be able to help patients use the tools. #hcsm
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    T2: SM has given me access to sherpa docs and patients alike. Good general advice. #HCSM
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    T2: Patients (aka consumers) are more sophisticated about SM than docs. They need sherpas for medical content, not for SM. #HCSM
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    #hcsm T2: Let’s not forget, patient advocates (#epatients) will also drive adoption of social media by docs
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    t2: Online sherpas for pts could fit nicely w #pcmh model. Not necessarily the doc. #hcsm
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    T2 Community members can teach each other best practices: having peers provide guidance makes experience safer/more valuable. #hcsm
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    T2: Sherpas become like IPAB committee (now waiting the axe) “know it all” Not in favor of a few controlling the many. #hcsm
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    t2: Diff ppl learn differently – some need sherpa, some tutorial, some just hands on, some just watch… #hcsm
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    T2: gt idea, but back to the age-old question of vetting. lots of ppl wd like to fill that space. How does pt know who to trust? #hcsm
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    t2: Believe medical librarian great resource as online health info sherpa. #hcsm
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    T2 my suggestions: be nice, be helpful, be honest, be engaging, be a resource, and be engaged. If you do this, good guidance possible. #hcsm
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    #hcsm when I direct patients to SoMe for health issues, I ask them to contact me for questions &or clarification on health info accuracy. T2
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    #hcsm T2: Primary Care docs have most to gain w/ social media. Why? They need to educate patients b4 referrals cc: @padschicago
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    T2: Patients need help navigating overwhelming info, esp when much of medicine is grey, not black&white (eg prostate cancer) #HCSM
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    @AfternoonNapper That’s too bad. I search out SoMe resources WITH my pts., in my office. Find resources, help them sort them. t2 #hcsm
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    MT @DocForeman: @AfternoonNapper I search out SoMe resources WITH my pts., in my office. Find resources, help them sort them. t2 #hcsm
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    T2: Not sure if info must come from HCPs. Remember when travel agents were only “trusted source” of info. Now everything crowdsourced. #hcsm
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    PatientNavigators can be RN, LCSW or lay ppl. Some of us are SoMe cultrally comptnt; all of us are patient-centered T2 #hcsm
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    T2. as a patient, I use “yelp” most often as my personal healthcare navigator – sad but true #hcsm
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    @GautamJaggi T2: I find most e-patients leaders SoME Are Very informed. At stanford heard Some MD’s say pt knew more then they did. #HCSM
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    T2: Patients need unbiased, neutral info so they can decide using their preferences (see the book “Your Medical Mind”) #HCSM
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    MT @harriseve: PatientNavigators can B RN, LCSW or lay ppl. Some of us are SoMe cultrally comptnt; all of us are patient-centered T2 #HCSM
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    #hcsm t2: How much do sherpas (digital or otherwise) get paid? Doctors tend to expect compensation for their expertise
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    The best “sherpa” for a patient is someone in complete confidence, who better than his doctor?, trust and knowledge who guide him #hcsm. T2
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    Who’s paying for #patientnavigation? Some public health, some private cancer funding, some Medicaid (OH) #HCSM T2
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    T2 #hcsm I think we need 2 really engage n knowing what patients need & want 2 know, so much patient information is really CYA 4 docs. #hcsm
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    Y’all, my 9 YO son is just ending his “FaceTime” w/ another kid, before bed. Healthcare Comm. should be as sophisticated as my kid. t2 #hcsm
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    T2: Do we even need sherpas at all? Most good med sites have comments & ratings. If enuf ppl found something useful isn’t it enough? #hcsm
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    T2: Online, Pharmacist and patients with similar experiences can be good Sherpas. #hcsm
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    Videos on insulin pumps, how to explain diabetes, change pump sites, technology in general for living with t1 or t2 diabetes #hcsm
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    @starr88 too true…most patient info & #hcsm is really for the doc, specifically the early adopter…many r left cold t2
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