How is #SocialMedia Changing #Healthcare for New #HCPs? #HCSM deliberates.

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    TOPIC 1 – How is SM changing HC for the new providers entering the field? How do new providers (oh so busy) stay on top of changes? #hcsm
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    T1 SM somewhat changes the physician-patient relationship. #hcsm
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    T1 live at #hcsm – How is SM changing HC for the new providers entering the field? How do new providers stay on top of changes & SM? #hcsm
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    T1. Integrating SoMe into “what one does”, as opposed to “add it onto 1,000 other things”. #hcsm
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    We communicate in new ways, and new providers are naturally more willing to think outside the traditional “office visit” model. t1 #hcsm
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    T1: There’s lots to catch up on, but there are many more free tools available for efficiency (e.g. dashboards) #hcsm
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    MT @danamlewis: T1 How is SM changing HC for the new providers entering the field? How do new providers stay on top of changes & SM? #hcsm
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    T1 (cont’d): Fortunately, even some medical journals are now publishing studies on social media’s influence in healthcare. That helps. #hcsm
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    @HealthSocMed T1: Wondered with Match day if some might give information re: Placements through Tweets. Saw Video on @einsteinmed #HCSM
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    T1 I’m going to go out on a limb: I’m not sure that SocMed is changing HC for new providers…yet. We haven’t figured out best use. #hcsm
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    T1: Those entering health care now are expected to understand SM in my opinion. It’s part of their upbringing. #hcsm
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    T1: larger % are using the SoMe entering medicine. The envelope will be pushed sooner #hcsm
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    T1 i can see sm helping hcp in doctors reaching out to each other and following trends
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    T1 I suspect new providers more comfortable with the technology/tools, but no more clear about best/most effective use of SoMe in HC. #hcsm
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    T1 big topic among students & residents at recent conference was power of social media to shape public opinion in contrast #hcsm
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    “Social Media is bringing us all together” -Peter Griffin from Family Guy, JUST NOW on TV. t1 #hcsm
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    T1 – lots more outlets for communication, but with more outlets – comes more responsibility. #hcsm
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    T1: Are there med school courses about #hcsm and how it relates to #HIPAA ??
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    T1: Counter-intuitively, older docs sometimes quicker adopters of SM than younger ones. #HCSM
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    T1 #hcsm if anything, it’s changing relationships between docs and patients on a large scale, but prob not on a 1-1 scale
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    T1. Social media is still a one-to-many method of communication for providers in our system #hcsm (and rare) #hcsm
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    #hcsm T1 At our hospital, some new doctors are using sharecare to answer patient questions, build their reputation, and practice
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    T1 contrasted with Social Media really not affecting most practicing providers that much (2 echo @RichmondDoc) #hcsm
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    @RichmondDoc T1. Recent info on change “new providers”:… #hcsm
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    And also not “censured” by experience/pressure. Which I kinda find interesting. t1 #hcsm
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    T1: If I had it my way, it’d be part of Grand Rounds in residency. #hcsm
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    @crgonzalez T1 I just got my iPad Friday. Give me four months to figure it out, and I’ll be crushing rad onc. #hcsm
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    T1 #hcsm For many of us SoMe is a tool, a venue, not a strategy. @danamlewis @DrGhaheri
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    T1: Patients may lead the way for providers, by adopting SM and expecting their providers to follow. #HCSM
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    T1 i have yet to see the widespread crossover for HCP and patient SM interactions yet
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    #hcsm T1: With the students/residents I talk with, they naturally including social media platforms as part of pt education
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    T1. Those entering LIFE (not just healthcare) now are expected to understand SoMe #hcsm
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    @RyanMadanickMD @danamlewis @DrGhaheri Right. Just like email and word processing is not a strategy. t1 #hcsm
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    T1 #hcsm you have to remember, most docs didn’t train in communications, business, mktg; so the “strategy” isn’t part of our thinking often
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    T1 Agree that Grand Rounds in training programs would be a good idea, as would elective (or required) classes in med schools. #hcsm
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    Already speaking with a few med schools on this Susan @WellFedHeart T1: Are there med school courses about #hcsm?
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    T1: Are docs introduced during orientation? most hospitals have #sm policies that they share with new employees #hcsm
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    T1 A number of us are speaking to med students @ New York Medical College in about one month re: SoMe. Wonder how discussion will go. #hcsm
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    T1: For new Physicians wonder how Medical journals will be changing with SoMe. Fewer in Business? Need to change how they obtain info? #HCSM
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    T1 #hcsm Actually thru SM I am starting to realize how the study and practice of communications is integral to daily life
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    #hcsm T1: I personally believe social media has to be taught before residents graduate – in med school too
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    @RyanMadanickMD Yes. “No margin, No mission,” wasn’t part of the training. #hcsm t1
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    T1: for some reason, I think that info on dead tree still “feels” more authoritative. SoMe great way to reflect with peers. #hcsm
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    #TOTD “@MedPedsDoctor: T1. Integrating SoMe into “what one does”, as opposed to “add it onto 1,000 other things”. #hcsm”
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    T1: we all worry about HIPAA when it comes to new users in SoMe, but there’s so much more. It’s really not that restrictive. #hcsm
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    @pfanderson @joshdbrett @MarkHarmel I don’t know that most people go to the library for health information anymore. We google it. t1 #hcsm
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    #hcsm T1: In med schools it’s about teaching social media to be separated from medical business. In residency – about connecting w/ patients
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    MT @DrGhaheri: T1: we all worry about HIPAA when it comes to new users in SoMe, but there’s more. Its really not that restrictive. #hcsm
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    T1: Hope New Physicians will use SoMe for prevention. Talked to 2-Patient 2day if she had known info she could have prevented damage. #HCSM
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    #hcsm T1: Med schools, physician organizations, and hospitals are asking me to talk more about SoMe topics. The word’s getting out, but slow
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    T1: Social media changes the role of the provider: from gatekeeper to coach, mentor and enabler. #HCSM
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    T1: unfortunately, most lectures in med school / GME re SoMe center on limiting liability of School and hospital. #hcsm
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    T1 #hcsm one of my goals in SoMe is to make sure docs and future docs understand the power/risks of SoMe and don’t get into trouble
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    @DrGhaheri @joshdbrett Yes. HIPAA is an excuse for “let’s not innovate, because I’m overwhelmed.” t1 #hcsm
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    T1: Folks really want #hcsm taught in med school? When this year’s graduating class started, twitter was barely on the radar.
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    #hcsm T1 If not taught to embrace social media, future doctors will miss out on the best way to build their practice cc: @michaelbmoore
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    @pfanderson @joshdbrett @MarkHarmel Sorry if I was too picky. 😉 t1 #hcsm
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    #hcsm T1 – resident docs should get comfy w/ social media before graduating … at LEAST BLOGGING!
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    T1: Social media could provide new ways to enroll and conduct clinical trials #HCSM
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    T1: Med school curricula should cover patient communication, sure, but at this point maybe 5% of that should be #hcsm
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    T1 There is growing awareness balanced by marked risk adverse fears-although the balance point is shifting #hcsm
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    T1 #hcsm even if not on FB most people don’t even realize they’re involved in SoMe (commenting, reading, etc)
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    @NurturedChild Big difference between using your mouth, personally, and speaking as an HCP. Diff media. Same basic ideas. t1 #hcsm
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    T1-I am meeting with our graduate medical training committee in a few weeks to review-the interest is clearly there #hcsm
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    @crgonzalez That is a question I ask myself for the very same reason. We just assume younger will embrace #hcsm. Not the case. T1
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    T1: In order to get good results must have good teachers. Many continue to tell me Twitter is not intuitive. Show don’t just tell. #HCSM
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    @PracticalWisdom EXACTLY. How we produce information and distribute it is fundamentally changing. t1 #hcsm
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    @lewismal @nickgenes Yes. SoMe is a great way to build a network, and to find people to exchange info, consult, innovate with. t1 #hcsm
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    T1: SoMe finally makes patient-centricity more than a buzzword. Patients can be empowered, care can be customized. #HCSM
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    @danielg280 Yes. When people say “No” to good innovation, I assume they are burned out, overwhelmed, and under-resourced. t1 #hcsm
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    T1: Professionalism not as easy as it sounds. Could have different examples of what is professional from even sound leaders. #HCSM
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    @harperlevy @bethlgainer It certainly levels power. A pt. with a platform for communicating is a thing of wonder. t1 #hcsm
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    T1: Hopefully it would encourage new providers more open to patient engagement. #hcsm
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    T1 I don’t see social media become integral to the PRACTICE of primary care… but for the building of trust and understanding? #hcsm
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    @NurturedChild Yep. But, having practiced rurally, I’ve learned that everything I say/do is seen/heard by all. Similar to SoMe. t1 #hcsm
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    T1 related question: what should the consequences be for trainees that don’t use SoMe in a responsible way while learning to use it? #hcsm
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    #hcsm T1: Lots of great vids out there on professionalism, SoMe, and students/residents – like this one from #MCCSM…
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    Just now getting to T2 at #hcsm (T1=great) – talking about digital ‘sherpas’ or navigators. Often said needed for docs – how about for pts?
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    MT @drmikesevilla: T1: Lots of great vids on professionalism, SoMe, students/residents – this one #MCCSM… #hcsm
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    T1. so far I’ve seen those with the title of “dr.” being allowed official social media use but not other, equally important, providers #hcsm
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    @RichmondDoc @harperlevy Yes. ANYTHING I put on-line is something my boss/co-worker/pt. could know. Just how it is. t1 #hcsm
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    @danielg280 @She_Sugar Yes. Gone are the days when a pamphlet displays counts as “patient education.” t1 #hcsm
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    T1: There can be #Meded value in teaching SocMed as component of Professional resources, priorities, responsibilities; expectations #hcsm
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    Videos on insulin pumps, how to explain diabetes, change pump sites, technology in general for living with t1 or t2 diabetes #hcsm
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    @DrGhaheri YO! I’m a Nurse and blog on T1 diabetes and celiac disease at and a vegetarian… #hcsm
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    That’s a wrap on a fantastic #hcsm! Thanks, all! topics/transcript here: We’ll see you next Sun @ 8pm CT!

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