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When you look at where she came from, April Foreman should not exist. She should not have been able to get an advanced education, let alone a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. Dr. Foreman should not have become a Psychologist, public speaker, college educator, yoga instructor, healthcare and social media enthusiast, and advocate for the marginalized and disenfranchised. She should not have chosen to specialize in working with people who have Borderline Personality Disorder, who are among the most stigmatized patients in the mental health community. She should not have become the kind of person that is equally comfortable in the halls of academe as she is in the fields of rural America. But she did, and her unlikely journey and life experiences have given her a versatility that is unparalleled in her field.

Doc Foreman is a Licensed Psychologist in the State of Kansas, with experience serving people in rural Southeast Kansas. She enjoys working in rural settings, and finds that the picture in her office of her grandmother holding up an enormous catfish can often mean more to her clients than the degrees hanging on the opposite wall. She believes that using information technology and social media resources can bring state of the art mental health care to her rural clients. She has experience using a system of phone texting to help clients chart their daily mood and share them with a treatment team and trusted circle of friends and family. She also uses social media platforms like Twitter to connect with innovators and thought leaders in healthcare across the world, and uses her website to curate compelling Twitter chats on issues about which she is passionate. Her work in this area has been featured in the ARHQ Innovations Exchange.

Currently, Doc Foreman is working for the Southeast Louisiana Healthcare System, serving Veterans as a Suicide Prevention Coordinator in Baton Rouge. You can read a blog post about her first few weeks at VA here.  Doc Foreman enjoys using her clinical skill, and talent for practical problem-solving to prevent suicide in US Veterans, who have *twice* the risk of dying by suicide as the general public.

Doc Foreman has a broad base of knowledge in her field that is exceptional, and she enjoys using this knowledge to present colorful insights into the lives of her clients, current events, and the problems of everyday living. People who meet Doc Foreman are drawn in by her quirky personality, bubbling energy, and unconventional approaches to solving frustrating problems. They are riveted by the way she tells stories that help people make sense of extreme, bizarre, and disturbing behaviors. Doc Foreman has a unique ability to explain expert information so that everyday people can benefit from it.

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April Foreman
April Foreman
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